Malcolm X once said, “We all like chicken”, pointing out that such a simple similarity between people goes to the core of who we are as humans, helping us learn to forget our differences.

     Domestication of the chicken began 10,000 years ago, in four species from Southeast Asia’s wild jungle. Today, the commercial poultry industry has developed into a science, which produces meat and eggs with extreme efficiency. Because of its mild taste and uniform texture, chicken presents a blank canvas for the flavor palette of any cuisine around the world.

     The work is an attempt to illustrate cultural variations between global societies using the common dietary staple of chicken as unifier. Looking at how chicken is raised, slaughtered, cooked and eaten intends to illustrate the similarities and differences that collide in these cultures. Using the street photography aesthetic, I traveled to various countries - from Vietnam to Cuba - hoping to demonstrate the common core uses between this one animal to portray the diversity in each region. 

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